[oslc4j-client] Can't get catalogUrl for Configuration Management

Hello guys!,

I’m wondering if there is any restriction for having the capability to get the catalogUrl of a Configuration Management within the getCatalogUrl method. (maybe because it is only a draft?).

I found this issue in the eclipse bugzilla platform.

The issue was described and in fact, the changes suggested in that issue are the same changes that I added to my fork for having the capability to obtain the catalogUrl for a Configuration Management project from the Rootservices.

I added the the constant for
OSLC_CONFIG = "http://open-services.net/ns/config#"

and the

this.catalogNamespace = OSLCConstants.OSLC_CONFIG;
this.catalogProperty  = RootServicesConstants.CM_ROOTSERVICES_CATALOG_PROP;

for getting the catalogUrl for the rootservices

          rdf:resource="https://jazz.net/sandbox01-qm/oslc_config/catalog"  />

If there is not restrictions, can I send this PR ?



Welcome to the forum!

None, nobody just had time to do it.

Awesome that you did the search and found a match. I pinged Nick and we will see if he can find his PR.

But you are obviously very welcome to submit a PR and me/Jim/Nick will review it and me or Jim will merge it afterwards.

I just realised @isccarrasco that the whole patch from Nick was in the bug report. Please go ahead and make the PR!

Thanks @andrew !!!

I just sent the PR, that you can check here:

Any feedback is very welcome, I tested the changes in my local and it works!

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