Configuration management support


Regarding the post [oslc4j-client] Can’t get catalogUrl for Configuration Management, someone contributed a github PR to support Configuration Management (cf. Adding support for managing or obtaining the catalogUrl for Configuration Management service provider catalog).

This contribution seems to have disappeared in the latest Lyo client 4.0.0 (see or

Was it intentional or an oversight during the last refactorings ?

Hi @j-barata,

oslc-java-client is the legacy client. It was retained in Lyo 4.0 to allow you to avoid rewriting old code (2.4 client had library conflicts) but it’s not getting any updates.

Most likely, you want to be using oslc-client.

Having said that, I just checked the sources for the new client and the PR indeed seems to be lost. I have opened Config PR to Client seems to be lost · Issue #205 · eclipse/lyo · GitHub to fix it in Lyo 4.1.


Hello @Andrew, I just sent the PR to the repository, maybe you could review and move this to the Milestone.


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Thank you all, for your reactivity !