How to Remove OSLC Links from an Artifact?

I’m writing OSLC client code with Lyo 2.4.0 that needs to create and remove links between artifacts in DNG and RQM version 6.0.6.

Creating links is not an issue. Removing them from DNG (but not RQM) is turning out to be tricky.

I’m removing links by invoking TestCase.setValidatesRequirments() and Requirement.setValidatedBy() with the new set of artifacts I want to have links to. In my current use case, it’s an empty Link array (since I’m removing all links).
What I’m struggling with is that after updating the test case, the link to the requirement is removed, but after updating the requirement, the link to the test case is still present, even though DNG returns a 200. There are no errors in the server log.

Hi danchirillo,

Good to start with working out if the issue is in your client or in DNG.
Can you output the actually RDF content you are posting (PUT) to DNG? Can you confirm that that content does not have the link to the test case anymore?

Hi Jad,

I have been trying to figure out how to get the raw RDF content, but have been unsuccessful. Any pointers?


See this recent post about a similar problems with DNG