Windchill as OSLC Server

I would like to establish the digital traceability between Windchill PDMLink and IBM DOORS NextGen using ThingWorx FLOW. From Doors I would like to configure Windchill as the resource provider. Did anyone try this approach. Thank you.

Welcom @swamy.senthil to the community.

Are you using available Windchill PDMLink OSLC interfaces? if so, does it not contain some documentation on how to configure it as an OSLC provider/server?
It should not matter whether it is from DOORS or any other product.

From DOORS side, I am sure there are DOORS documentation on how to setup DOORS as an OSLC consumer/client.

My point is that you should not need specific instructions on how to specifically connect DOORS to Windchill. But you do need to have some documentation from both ends. Do you have that to start with?