Survey among OSLC TRS users and implementers


We would like to ask you about how you implemented the trs:order data property in your programming language. According to the spec, it is of xsd:integer type, which is unbound and, for example, needs a BigInteger in Java to faithfully map one to the other. Eclipse Lyo, for example, is using a Java Integer, which is only 32 bits wide.

We are considering in OSLC-572 and LYO-135 to make a change both ways: to narrow the trs:order type in the OSLC TRS shapes from xsd:integer down to xsd:long and to broaden the type of a backing field in Eclipse Lyo from a Java Integer to a Long.

Please respond if you are using TRS in your deployments to help us understand the impact of this potentially breaking change to the spec. You can respond here or, preferably, under Consider using xsd:long in TRS instead of xsd:integer · Issue #572 · oslc-op/oslc-specs · GitHub

Best regards,

OSLC OP PGB co-chair