Steps to contribute to the Automation Domain

Hello everyone,

I am currently participating in a European Union funded research project called Adeptness. In this project, an OSLC connector allows to store information generated by the project’s main system into IBM tools. However, this connector does not cover the entire data model of the project, and for the future lines of improvement, we have been researching ways to integrate the entire model in OSLC. While doing this, we identified possible improvements in the Automation domain, which will be detailed in the project’s documents. To improve this work further, we want to bring this up in the OSLC community, maybe as a contribution proposal to the Automation Domain itself. What are the steps we should follow to do this?

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Hi Unai

I would be interesting to hear about your results, to see how the OSLC community can best help. Any material (documents, videos, etc) you can share already?
Maybe we can organize some meeting to followup with.

I recommend joining the OSLC OP working group on OASIS. That’s where changes to specifications are discussed. See for more information.

Hi jad,

Sorry for the late reply, I am currently talking with project partners, making sure which information of the project can be currently shared, since some of the reports are currently classified as confidential, while others are public. Right now, I can share the projects main webpage, so you can get a gist of what it’s about: . Once I sort out what information is currently shareable, I would be very glad to organize a meeting and talk about everything, so I can explain all the relevant finer details. I will get in touch once I get everything in order, thank you!


Thanks for the recommendation David, I did check that document before posting here, to check what the most appropriate approach would be to set this discussion into motion. I decided to post here first, because I wasn’t sure of what the current steps are to join the OP working group, and joining the weekly meeting all of a sudden felt very abrupt. If the meeting is open for anyone to join and bring out a topic that wasn’t part of the original schedule, I wouldn’t mind joining the next meeting straight away, as an introduction. Thank you!


Hello, I see the topic has ended flat in the forum… Could anyone please tell me what the most appropriate channel to discuss this is? Is it the forum, or is the weekly meeting a possibility, as mentioned? If there is an alternative to these two, please let me know.

Hi @uesandi !

I was under the impression you will join our meetings and we take it from there.
Alternatively, we find a common time where you can present your ideas.

btw, are you aware of the OSLC fest we are planning next week?

Hello @jad !
It seems we had a slight misunderstanding, since I felt i didn’t have a clear answer yet as how to proceed… Since the weekly meeting is today, I will join and introduce myself!

Thank you!