Querying an item in the context of the Global Configuration

Hello everyone,

I have tried to query a TestPlan from Jazz using lyo, but I observed that not all the properties that are visible in the Jazz interface are returned in the query response (to be more exact the properties related to other applications other than TM are not visible).

I discovered that I have to mention a configuration context in order to see the cross application links.
To do this there are 2 possibilities:

  • using the Configuration Context header
  • using oslc_config.context parameter

So I moved to Postman to test both of these possibilities (I saw that there is a possibility to mention the configuration context in lyo, but it was easier to see the responses in Postman). In the case of a TestPlan even when I used the context header or parameter, the query response was the same as when I was not using them.

I also tested this for a Requirement and I was surprised to see that both possibilities worked and I was able to see more properties than when I was not using the configuration context.

Do you have any idea why is working for RM but not for TM?

I know you might not be experts in Jazz and this might not be the right place to ask this question, but I also asked on jazz.net forum and no one gave me an answer until now and I thought maybe you could have an idea.

Thank you,

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Ana, there have been different teams developing the solution parts. Driven by constraints the APIs for DNG, ETM,… where not necessarily aligned. There is also a lack of documentation.

Having said that With respect to the API you are using. I am not completely sure you are using public OSLC API. E.g. I am not sure if the configuration context is documented as part of OSLC. I think there will be only very few people to give you a good answer.


The Configuration-Context header and oslc_config.context query parameter are both described in the OSLC Configuration Management specification. The use case for them is when performing a GET on a concept resource where the configuration context is used to resolve the concept resource to the version resource selected in that configuration context. As to why this works with DOORS Next but not Engineering Test Manager, that’s a question for the ETM development team who are unlikely to monitor this forum, but may respond on jazz.net. If you don’t get a response there, you might want to pursue this through IBM Rational technical support.


Thank you very much for your responses!