PLM-ALM integrations with OSLC

I wanted to know about ALM -PLM integrations with OSLC.If you have any reference pls help.when i search it is pointing to survey ,which am not able to access.

Hi Monisha,

Which link did you use to access the survey? Did you visit A survey of commercial tools with OSLC support | OSLC ?

@jad and @axel.reichwein may know more about state of things when it comes to OSLC and PLM.


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Hello @Monisha ALM/PLM integration is a very broad topic. Which ALM/PLM applications do you want to connect? Which integration scenarios do you have in mind? These questions will determine if you can use an existing solution (e.g. PLM ALM Integration with OSLC Connect for Windchill | SodiusWillert) or if you will need a custom solution.


Thank you Andrew and axel.reichwein for your replies.
@andrew I will refer to the survey link shared by you.

@axel.reichwein I am currently trying to study about 3dexperience and ALM integration .Any document or case study will be helpful. I will go through windchill oslc connect also.

@ Monisha! It would be interesting if you are able to share your findings here. As far as I know, I could not find any documented ALM integrations with 3DX. (See An Analysis of the OASIS OSLC Integration Standard - A Survey - Google Sheets)

But in general, as @axel mentioned, integrations with other PLMs & ALMs do exists. (Another example is Siemens TeamCenter with Siemens Polarion.)

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Hi Jad,this is the first time am learning to integrate using OSLC with 3d experience.If you would help in any way like documents or similar configurations .it would be really helpful for me

Hi @Monisha! I don’t have direct experience with 3dX. But, from what I know, 3dX supports OSCL when it comes to Requrements and Change Management. So, one should be able to integrated it (both as a provider and consumer) to other systems such as IBM DoorsNG, etc.

If you are after standard functionalities, shouldn’t the 3dX documentation/manuals have some details on how to do it?

@jad first time I hear about 3DX and OSLC. Is it a 1st-party support in the 3DEXPERIENCE or indirect through the MagicDraw that is part of No Magic that Dassault has acquired?

Don’t know the background relating to NoMagic. But I believe it is native support (but only for RM and CM it seems).


It’s hard to find more specific open information about it though.

Thanks Jad! So far I can see this in the white paper as the only specific detail of their OSLC support:

[…] System traceability supports OSLC-RM as a consumer and can therefore navigate to any OSLC compliant provider tool […]

Seems like there is a connector from ProSTEP that covers ENOVIA but I have never seen it in action. If anyone has tech links or a demo video, I will be glad to take a look.