OSLC RequirementCollection output

Hello guys!,

As part of our solution, we are exposing both requirementcollection and requirement resource URIs. However, somehow we are not able identify correct attribute to link requirement in requirement collection. Unfortunately, I could not find elaborated information on this topic.

Can someone please help me to understand correct requirementcollection structure and requirement structure as per OSLC specs ? Which attribute should I use to link between requirement with requirementcollection ?

It will be better if someone provide a sample output of both requirementcollection and requirement resource.


Welcome to the forum, @dkedarptc!

You may find a table describing the shapes of Requirement and RequirementCollection resources here: https://oslc-op.github.io/oslc-specs/specs/rm/requirements-management-vocab.html#requirement

For example, oslc_rm:decomposedBy on the Requirement resource shape says in the description (emphasis mine):

The subject is decomposed by the object. For example, a […] requirement is decomposed into a collection of […] requirements.

Hope this helps. Please note: oslc_rm:decomposedBy is NOT the only property you should use. I just used it as an example of a valid property to use in a typical case. @jad is the spec editor, perhaps he could help you more with this if you have more specific questions.