OSLC Open Project first spec draft publication | OSLC

We finally have some great news to share! After starting the OSLC Open Project in May 2019 and having a long summer with various people being off for vacations, we have prepared the first specification for publication, updated the templates and fixed major outstanding issues. The OSLC OP Project Governing Board has approved the publication of the Change Management 2.1 PSD (Project Specification Draft) 03.

This specification defines the OSLC Change Management domain, a RESTful web services interface for the management of product change requests, activities, tasks and relationships between those and related resources such as requirements, test cases, or architectural resources. To support these scenarios, this specification defines a set of HTTP-based RESTful interfaces in terms of HTTP methods: GET, POST, PUT and DELETE, HTTP response codes, content type handling and resource formats. The table of all specs has been updated to point to the newly published draft, which is available in the OASIS repository for OSLC specs: OSLC CM 2.1 PSD03.

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