OSLC integration with IBM DNG


I am using PTC Windchill Modeler, where I have added the OSLC license file to use OSLC to integrate it with IBM DNG. I have followed few steps given in OSLC integration with IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation (ptc.com) but after entering credentials it shows the following error: “The remote server returned an error: (401) unauthorized”.

Can anyone help in fixing this or has an idea about it.


Please check two things:

  1. Make sure you are using a recommended deployment setup for both systems. This means trusted TLS certs set up with real hostnames (not self-signed or unsecured HTTP) and not using any custom (reverse) proxies like Nginx, Caddy, AWS Load balancer etc.
  2. Make sure to check and possibly include the log messages from the log files on the server, not just HTTP error messages. If necessary, change server log level to debug.

It would be hard for anyone to help you without these steps.


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for mentioning the approaches. Could you please also mention the exact location like particularly which log files do we need to look into and where can we find them. Is it the Windchill Modeler log files or the DNG log files or some other file.
Kindly elaborate.