OSLC for PLM, also for BIM?



I am interested to know if OSLC can also be used for BIM (Building Information Management) to manage buildings and infrastructure during their lifecycle.

If so, does anyone know of implementations, if not, can OSLC be extended for this purpose or is another set of tools more suitable?



Hello Ronald, I don’t know anyone who is using OSLC or LDP for BIM but I know people from https://klipsk.io/ are using Linked Data and ontologies for BIM use in production. Are you going to join the OSLCfest in Stockholm next week? /Andrew


Thank you Andrew, I will check it out. Unfortunately I cannot come to the OSLCfest, may be next time. It sound great.
Regards, Ronald.


The API-related standards of OSLC can be reused for BIM. The actual BIM ontologies/schemas can be converted into OSLC-compatible schemas, for example in SHACL and RDF vocabularies. So BIM isn’t in competition with OSLC. OSLC can help BIM be used in the context of standard Web APIs. I hope that the BIM community will use OSLC!



I am a data architect for Provincie Noord-Holland and currently investigating LDP and OSLC for our BIM Program. Maybe we should get together and discuss this further?

Cheers, Niels