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I am currently writing my thesis on interoperability between tools and have discovered OSLC as a solution. Unfortunately I find the documentation quite complicated and therefore don’t know where to start. As a use case for OSLC I am supposed to connect Confluence with Capella. Has anyone had experience with these tools and can give me some tips?
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Welcome to the OSLC community @Ruslan
Hope we can make your intro to OSLC a bit smoother.

Are you after specific information on Capella and Confluence, or OSLC in general?
I didn’t know Confluence supported OSLC. So maybe you can share what specific tools/solutions you are already using?

Install the ELM product suite and use a network sniffer to follow the interactions.

I would like to know more about OSLC and how to implement it. For my bachelor thesis I should test and check this with different tools. Since in the company where I write my thesis, a lot of work is done with Confluence and Capella, I wanted to check if these tools can be connected with OSLC. As a result, it should be possible to edit the models in Capella in Confluence without having to switch tools. I don’t know if it’s possible, I haven’t started the implementation yet because I don’t quite know what to start with.


Capella supports OSLC, according to Publication for Capella - Obeo.

From the videos on that page, I can see that they have an integration with Siemens Polarion (which also supports OSLC). Worth getting an evaluation license for that? It is easier to start with an integration that one knows works/exists.

As far as I know (but I can be wrong), there is no current oslc interface for Confluence. But maybe you can build that as part of your thesis :slight_smile:

For an introduction to OSLC, have a look at the

And if you want to know which other tools provide OSLC support, you can view a survey from 2020 A survey of commercial tools with OSLC support | OSLC. But things have changed since then.


Hi Ruslan,

Welcome to the OSLC community!

As Suggested by Jad, currently, Capella models can only be “published”. You can use Publication for Capella by Obeo… or SECollab by SodiusWillert (disclosure: this is where I am happy to be working :slight_smile: )
This basically means you can publish your Capella models to a website that will support OSLC interactions.

What you then need is to link them to Confluence, with displaying a preview of your model. To do that, you will need an OSLC integration for Confluence. I know we are working on OSLC Connect for Confluence (as we already have OSLC Connect for Jira). I don’t have the details on the feature set nor the availability… but it’s safe to think of 2022.

Last but not least, I’ve heard some time ago that Obeo considered creating a web version of Capella including the edition feature. I don’t know whether this is ever coming to life, but you may want to reach out to them to discuss.

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