OSLC Configuration Management models

Hello guys!

I have been working with the Configuration Management of the OSLC specs, currently I have created some classes for managing the models of Component, Stream, and other elements described in the config-resource document which I found in this link.

I have seen that there are not models in the model package of the Lyo oslc4j-core project for the Configuration Management resources.

My question: There is a plan to add those models? or maybe this is because its yet a draft document?


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Hi, Mario!

First, awesome to hear about your work on CfgM!

In Lyo, the work on adding complete support for CfgM has not been done. There are some disconnected reference implementations but that’s it. We (mostly @jad) started work on lyo.domains and there is an initial set of CfgM classes.

Your contributions are welcome!

Nick has been the primary driver for the CfgM spec and might know better what kind of OSS support is planned to be provided with the spec once it’s finalised. @jamsden might know a lot about it too.