Migrating Eclipse Lyo to Jakarta EE9


We are in the process of migrating Eclipse Lyo libraries to start using Jakarta EE9.
This will be a breaking change to be released under 6.0.0.

If you want to follow the work and potentially contribute and/or test, please see the PR b153-Switch JAX-RS API dependencies to jakarta.ws.rs-api by jhemm2 · Pull Request #500 · eclipse/lyo · GitHub.

We plan to also update Lyo Designer accordingly. Generation to support migration to Jakarta by Jad-el-khoury · Pull Request #276 · eclipse/lyo.designer · GitHub

And, you will also have the Reference Implementation as a basis to see the affected changes Servers migrated to Jakarta by jadelkhoury · Pull Request #198 · oslc-op/refimpl · GitHub

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