Lyo Designer version

Hello ,

I wanted to know which version we should use of Lyo Designer ? I see that the examples of the lyo sample modeling repo are no longer up to date and that a new refimpl repo has been created so I wonder if the version of lyo designer has also been changed. The refimpl repo was created with which lyo designer tool ?
This one Project download area | The Eclipse Foundation Or this one GitHub - eclipse/lyo.designer: lyo.designer ?

Thank you so much


Please use Project download area | The Eclipse Foundation. The refImpl uses that.
It’s a more updated version compared to the releaseed version (Project download area | The Eclipse Foundation)
I plan to release (to stable) a new version soon - but no concrete plan.

As for your last link (GitHub - eclipse/lyo.designer: lyo.designer), that’s the source code for LyoDesigner. So you don’t really need that unless you want to make changes to LyoDesigner (which you are very very welcome to do :-))