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Hello Dear Team,
Do I understand correctly that after defining some specific domain, Lyo will generate code based on the model + add 3rd libraries, such as an application server, etc., and the generated code will be able to be executed from the wheels?
Or the generated code will not be able to be executed and I will need to do something else?

Thank you very much!


@jad is the Lyo Designer lead, I will leave this question to him.

I would suggest to go through Toolchain Modelling Workshop


Thanks @andrew ! The suggested workshop is indeed a good starting point. It should explain to you @Krusty84 what gets generated, as well as what needs to be done after that. Unfortunatly, it is a bit out of date, but hope the instructions are still valid.

In summary, the API is fully generated. But you still need write some code to get the data from your source.

Dear @jad and @andrew thank you very much!
I found some data about OSLC and I try to do OSLC adapter for fun and self-education

After that I will try to use it together Polarion as instance.

Thanks again!

Hello Dear @jad and @andrew ,
I have the following question, please,

I have OSLC Adapter - for the file system, via it I can get a direct link to folders and files, and right now, I have a simple URLs, URL as-is:

Based on various docs that I read, I understood that there is a possibility to specify the type of URL links (relates_to or is tracked_by, etc.)

How should I set kinds for my URLs to folders and files?
In other words, how do I set some type to the URL, which will be “saying” what this URLs is for, I come from the world of PLM where objects are connected through relationships (within the same database) and I think by categories of relationships between objects

Just kick me on the right way: docs,samples, etc.
Thank you so much!

Or… should I establish link type on the OSLC consumer side?

cause OSLC server provide some data as is, and in my case files and folder are simple folders and files… and when I will set link between exposed (via OSLC server) file and some Object in ALM or PLM, Will I be need to set specific relation between ALM object and URL link to file?

I am idiot :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks to Managing Links in the OSLC AM Specification | Architecture Management - Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration

I have understood the idea about link types aka relations

Hi @Krusty84 !

Not only in the AM Specification, all specifications contain such links.

If you take the RM specificatiion for example (OSLC Requirements Management Version 2.1. Part 3: Constraints) you can see some relations/links defined such as “oslc_rm:affectedBy” or “oslc_rm:decomposedBy”, etc.

If you are using LyoDesigner, you can define any such links in your model (called reference propertie).

hope this helps.

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