Lyo Designer - Now as a standalone application


Just to let everyone know that you can now use Lyo Designer (and generator) as a standalone application.

See installation instructions: Lyo Designer - Install

Lyo Designer is still available as an Eclipse plugin (for those that want it integrated with their Eclipse IDE). But if you want to avoid the hassle of plugin dependencies, the standalone application would provide the smoothest experience.

While at it, I would be very interested to know if anyone is actively using Lyo Designer. And if you want to share your experiences with me.


Jad, we are currently using the TRS example. We are at the moment working using the already generated code. We have however experimented with the designer and added attributes to the requirement domain.

We used the Eclipse plugin.

What confused me was how and where to trigger it. I one context i need to select a target folder (not sure wich) in some other context the generation worked.

Thanks for the Feedback Ralph.
I’m trying to keep the documentation up to date, but there are a lot of peculiarities that I find hard to make intuitive (UX Design is not my strong side).

Specifically for your issue, I believe you have a file that lets you avoid seeing the prompt. See instructions

If still using it, please feel free to share any issues with LyoDesinger, and I’m happy to try to explain how it is all setup.