lyo-adaptor-sample-modelling Run Example


I’m new in OSLC and I want to try the lyo-adaptor-sample-modelling example .
I saw that this project contains three repositories :

  • toolchain-model
  • adaptor-rm-webapp
  • adaptor-testing-webapp

I have to run the adaptor-rm-webapp and the adaptor-testing-webapp from the other side and what about the adaptor-client ? Is it another web application that we have to run also ? is it a web application connected to other OSLC server ? I really don’t quite understand what this project is for

Thank you


I suggest you to begin with GitHub - oslc-op/refimpl instead.


Agree with @andrew This project was meant to be a very simple example to illustrate the use of Lyo Designer. We plan to retire this project, and use the reference implementation instead.
So if you want working OSLC implementations, use the suggested reference implementations.
If you want to learn about developing for OSLC, you might want to also start going through the material under the Developer Guide.

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