Lyo 4.0.0 Release Candidate

Hello everyone,

I am very glad to tell announce that Lyo 4.0.0 release is scheduled for December 16 and today we are releasing 4.0.0.RC.

If you are using Lyo Designer, there are many cool features you definitely want to check out. If you have Lyo-based client or server apps, here are the two most breaking changes:

  • JAX-RS 2.0 migration from JAX-RS 1.1 and Wink for the server
  • JAX-RS 2.0 migration from non-JAX-RS based Wink Client for the client

See the draft of the full release notes on Github.

Where to go from here

Extra notes for people who were using 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT before

If your builds 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT are now broken but passed before (you should get a message along the lines of Could not find artifact org.eclipse.lyo.clients:oslc4j-client:pom:4.0.0.RC in lyo-releases (, you have two immediate options:

  • Replace oslc4j-client with oslc-client. In order to avoid confusion and because oslc4j-client was never released, we pushed an empty oslc4j-client JAR file to make sure your build breaks before the release and you have time to update. See an example here.
  • Pin your version at 4.0.0.M2 for the time being if you are unable to update immediately, it still contains oslc4j-client in its latest state. NB! oslc4j-client was added in 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT and was removed in 4.0.0.RC and is not part of the release. See an example here.

Best regards,
Andrew on behalf of the Lyo team

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What a big effort you have made Andrii to pull this through.
Question: will Lyo Designer 4.0.0 be also released?

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Hi Andrew,

first thank you very much for your work.

I had a look into the Javadocs and saw that the old (deprecate) resource classes (e.g. ChangeRequest, Requriement, …) are still present in the libaries or better in the 4.0.0.RC.
Is it it planned to remove the old deprecate classes?
I understand that they were still present in the M2 from your description, but not why they are still inside the RC.


Hi Steve,

Thank you for your kind words!

We are planning to completely remove them in Lyo 5.0

The new domain classes were generated from a Lyo Designer model from scratch and we expect clients would have to make some small changes, so we decided to deprecate them in 4.x and only remove them fully in 5.0.

By the way, 4.0.0 final release happened quietly yesterday


Hi Andrew,

OK understood.

Change from 4.0.0.RC to 4.0.0 final release works for us, tested it one minute ago - Thanks.

Thnaks & Bye

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