LynxDesigner - the toolbox to develop OSLC support


If you are interested in building OSLC interfaces for your applications, have a look at this short demo of LynxDesigner.

LynxDesigner is a variant of Lyo Designer. With LynxDesigner, we aim to provider better user experience, support, documentation, etc. We still aim to support LyoDesigner, and the Lyo project in general.

What is LyoDesigner to start with? It’s an application that helps you model, design and generate your OSLC Servers. LyoDesigner has been part of the Eclipse Lyo project since 2016. (The first commit of the Lyo project was made in 2014)

We at LynxWork (the company behind LynxDesigner) have just started on our journey. So, we are very open to ideas & feedback. So don’t hesitate to contact us. You can find us on Linkedin
Tord Ringenhall
Jad El-khoury

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