Looking for some examples from technical side


I have been looking for implementation examples for some weeks, where I can see the technical side of OSLC implementation.
How data is interoperated and how and where the vocabularies are set on the resources? Is it done in Eclipse(Lyo)? Should I start with this tool for understanding the implementation?

I don’t know if I have made a clear question but this is what I am looking for for a few weeks. I need to implement OSLC to an existing adaptor.

Please if anyone in the community can help. Let me know if you didn’t get my question, I can explain it more in detail.


Hello @talhashahid009!

There is a project called IoTP-Adaptor which is in my opinion a good example of OSLC, this could be a way to validate the implementation.


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Hi @isccarrasco,

Thanks for your answer, I have looked into IoTP-Adapter.
But looking for some examples where data interoperability is described. For example, something like raw data looks like this before OSLC implementation and after OSLC it is represented like this.
Some diagrams may be just to understand the interoperability of data in OSLC. So that I can understand the values for vocabularies after OSLC implementation. How it looks like.


Some examples specific to data from JIRA or GitLab are what I’m looking for.

Hi @talhashahid009, sorry for the misunderstood!

Maybe the following video could help, it is a talk given by @axel.reichwein in the last OSLC Fest, he talked about Fundamental OSLC concepts for Distributed Link Creation for achieving interoperability.


Hi @jad ,

I have read your journal

An industrial evaluation of data access techniques for the interoperability of
engineering software tools

Where you have experimented on JIRA adaptor also. I want data representation before and after adaptor implementation. Some examples of data, so that I can understand how data is interoperated. Examples for JIRA will be more helpful but any other issue management or version management tool can also help.


Hi @talhashahid009,

I am not sure you can find any documentation of the data before/after an OSLC interface. The data before the interface is simply the data exposed by the tool. So for Jira for example, you can look at the data comming from JIRA interface.

Its is relatively old, but if you can make this open source JIRA plugin to work, you can then debug it and see what data is being used before/after the OSLC interface?

You can also go through the tutorial that uses Bugzilla. In that, you can also see the raw data from Bugzilla before it is exposed with an OSLC interface.

But I am not sure if this is actually what you want to do? You also talk about “understand the values for vocabularies after OSLC implementation”. can you please clarify?

But I am not sure if this is actually what you want to do? You also talk about “understand the values for vocabularies after OSLC implementation”. can you please clarify?

I wanted to see how the vocabulary will be after OSLC implementation. How the RDF representation will look like for some JIRA Ticket?
But I will try to run this plugin.


The the IoTP-Adaptor should be a good running example. You can also look at the Reference Implementation

You may also look at the differences between what JIRA APIs are returning, and what OSLC Connect for Jira (a full featured OSLC plugin for Jira) returns through the OSLC APIs.