Introspecting the acceptable inputParameters for a service dealing with AutomationRequests?

I have a OSLC service with its sole queryCapability returning AutomationRequest.
I want to know the data structure of the acceptable input parameters (name, shape, cardinality).

Starting from the URI/URL of the service, what path in the graph should I follow to go to the formal description of the inputParameters ?

I expected service>queryCapability>resourceShape>property>inputParameters>valueShape to be a good candidate. But, in my real-life service, the inputParameters has only a valueType property (pointing a “LocalResource” which is hardly a precise description of the inputParameters).

Is there a standard path, to figure out the signature of a OSLC service?

I would also expect service>queryCapability>resourceShape to explain what you are after.

But maybe you can rely on the specs documentation instead of the actual implementation?
see OSLC Automation Version 2.1 Part 3: Constraints

There you can see that inputParameter has the range ParameterInstance. (See OSLC Automation Version 2.1 Part 3: Constraints)