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If you are interested in defining OSLC Vocabulary of New Domain, I can suggest you look at LyoDesigner, which provides a graphical way to model resource shapes and vocabularies.

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@Digital_Shingo see Jad’s reply :point_up:

Hi @jad @andrew,

I am PLM consultant with background experience in Medical devices, High tech and Semiconductor industry. Currently, working on Digital PLM initiatives Digital Thread and twin. My interest is to develop enterprise vocabulary, LDP services for modern data discovery and integration and analytics platform like smart data lake.


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Hi everyone,

I’m François-Régis, but everyone calls me Frej, so you should as well.
I’m the project leader of the OSLC Lab @ SodiusWillert
This lab has several targets, one of them being to develop a framework for an easy end to end of any OSLC-enabled application. And help support our customers through installing our OSLC applications, considering the various challenges that can happen when deploying those.

I was former dev then lead dev of SECollab, a tool for reviewing data that leverages OSLC inside and out. And former dev of OSLC Connect for Windchill.
So I mostly worked on implementing Core, CM, AM, RM and Configuration specs (SECollab is configuration-enabled).

At SodiusWillert, we also provide OSLC Connect for Jira, as well as a Java stack for developpers willing to integrate OSLC into their tools, or interact with OSLC applications.
And with SECollab, we have developped a Neo4j storage for configured OSLC data.

I have a particular curiosity about OSLC, but this post is long enough, so it’ll be another post :stuck_out_tongue:

Regards, Frej.

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Welcome to the forum Frej.

I hope you are also aware of the OSLC effort under the OASIS Open Project? That’s where we work on the specifications.

It would be interesting to hear more about the Java stack you mentioned? Anything you can share about that?


Welcome @Frej!

Great to have you here and fantastic that SodiusWillert has an OSLC Lab! Looking forward to great discussions.

One thing we might need your help with is some wishlist items and critique of an upcoming Configuration Mgt Primer that we are working on right now. Anything that made you scratch your head is welcome so that we can have a simple explanation of it in the primer.

I will check out your other post and reply there!

Hello, Team!

My name is John Loriz. I work for BAE Systems, Inc in the Northeast. I am the resident expert for IBM Rational DOORS (Classic) and have written various addin tools for DOORS using DXL. Unfortunately, other than Fortran, and some C++, I’m not familiar with any other coding standards besides DXL. I was originally an Integration and Test lead for large scale system of systems Flight Simulators at Lockheed Martin. My background is actually digital hardware, not software. I’ve taught myself how to develop tools using DXL throughout the past 15 years with BAE Systems to fill a skills void.

We are using Magic Draw for system modeling, and JIRA for software development and Agile design principles. We also use Dassault PLM for parts and production management. I am hoping to learn how to develop our own interfaces between applications.

Kind regards,


Hi everyone,

My name is Guillermo García, I’m a PhD student at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), in the Intelligent Systems Research Group (GSI - For the past few months, I’ve been working on ways of integrating DevOps with semantic technologies. I’ve been studying the OSLC specifications and the possibilities they can bring to the field. I’m most interested in modelling rule-based automation systems, where an event is triggered and an action executes if some conditions are met. I wanted to introduce myself to the community and contribute as much as I can.


Welcome g.ggrao!

@andrew ! events and actions! dose that sound familiar to you?

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Welcome @jagtattoo !
hope you can join us at the upcomming OSLCFest (

Are you interested in developing own/custom interfaces between commercial applications, or is towards in-house built ones?

I am interested to develop integrated applications between MBSE and PLM, thus ALM and PLM. I see a big gap between those applications and your general approach is quite interesting.


I’m John DeHart. I’m a systems engineer working with NAVAIR to help implement their digital engineering environment. I’m hear to learn about the OSLC framework and lean you you guys a bit to get started. Thanks.



I’m Talha Manj. I’m a Master’s Student at Tampere University, I have been doing my thesis to search for standard data format. There is a project ongoing, which integrates several software development tools and shows the visualization of the data. So far after some research OSLC seems to fit our situation and now I’m more into reading and understanding OSLC so that I can implement it in our project data adapter. Thanks


Hi. I am Franz Ritter and I work currently on a MBSE project in a space mission preparation environment. We consider to use OSLC as an adaptor to integrate different preparation tools in a heterogeneous environment.

I already read some documentation and examples, but still have some open questions. I hoped that this platform can help me to get some more understanding.

welcome @fritter ! Is this a research/open project? It would be nice with any available links to the project for more information, and so the OSLC community can be aware of such efforts.

Hello Dear Team,
I worked in Siemens Digital Industries Software about 11 years, and I have met with OSLC as Admin dude for establishing connect between Teamcenter and Polarion
Now I am in Huawei, and I have some interests to OSLC from dev side.

Welcome, @Krusty84! Using OSLC on the Teamcenter side is definitely something of interest for us.

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Hello everyone,

I am Hamza Bassam. Currently, I work as a research associate at Fraunhofer. The focus of my research is on Model-Based Systems Engineering and the integration of circular economy strategies in product development, which requires a holistic and integrated perspective on the product life cycle. I stumbled upon OSLC during a project about Digital Thread at the university. I found the idea great and I want to adopt it in my research! I hope from the community to learn about OSLC and also support the OSLC community through public projects, publications and motivating project partners to adopt OSLC.

Kind regards,

Welcome to OSLC @Hamza and hope we can support you with your enquires and research.

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