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Hi, my name is Andrew and I am a project lead of the Eclipse Lyo project. I also participate in the OSLC Core & Domains standardisation activities.

This forum will replace the OSLC mailing lists (archive) once it is fully launched as well as the Lyo forums once they get deprecated by Eclipse.

If you experience any problems with the forum, file an issue under or contact me or Brian directly on Discourse.

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Hello, I’m Axel, the Director of Koneksys, a company offering consulting services related to OSLC. We want to help grow the OSLC community :grinning:

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I’m an IT Veteran with 47 years of experience in everything from hardware design through being a CTO. I’ve been an application developer in many languages that entire time. Some of the applications I’ve designed, coded, and managed projects for include an Oracle Financials replacement with Job Control for Brown & Root, a Job Cost and Project Management System for PPG, an Inventory Management System for PPG, as well as Medical, Dental, Chiropractic, and Veterinarian Billing Systems, and more.

I’ve been a database developer, Sr. DBA, and DBA manager since 1987. I am an Oracle and MySQL expert. I’ve been an Oracle Apps DBA and Sysadmin since 1992.

I’ve been a Unix sysadmin since 1984 and a Linux sysadmin since 1996. I’ve been an internet marketer and trainer since 1998. I own over 400 domains and have been building websites since 1996 and responsive sites since 2003. I have owned one placement firm and 3 consulting firms, so have experience across the board. I created my own project management methodology in 1982 that was Agile/Scrum/Kanban before they existed.

I also have Military (USAF) experience. I was dorm chief and squad leader in basic training. I was Red Rope in tech school, responsible for over 800 personnel, and marched over 200 to and from class each day. I achieved E4 in under 3 years, and was honorably discharged with full benefits. I was trained in computer and teletype maintenance (crypto), and had a Top Secret clearance. I volunteered for special duty, and, as a result, taught electronics (DC through Microwave) to over 30 MOS’s.

I am very interested in work related to I.T. management, QA management, SW Development management, DBA management, or hands on development that my very wide, long, and deep background qualifies me for… especially if remote. I’m fine with any level of travel, as well.

I love everything I.T. related, and am just as happy working at any level; on a team, managing teams, or alone.

Thanks in advance for every consideration.

Please see my websites… --> very important
Thanks again!

(References and letter of recommendation available on request.)

Yours truly,
Jesse Josserand
Owner, Sr. Consultant, Webmaster
IT Web Services, LLC
A Division of Josserand Ace ConsultinG™ (JacG™)
and Ace Consulting Solutions, Inc.
Personal Phone: 224-303-7233
Business Phone/Fax: 1-800-698-1030

Welcome Jesse! Have you used OSLC in your projects?


my name is Ondřej Vašíček, and I am a student of computer science at the Brno University of Technology in Czech Republic. I participate in a research group, focused on automated software analysis and verification, called VeriFIT. A subgroup of us focuses on parallel programming and concurrency related bugs, and we have created a dynamic analysis tool called ANaConDA.

I am creating an OSLC adapter for ANaConDA using Eclipse Lyo as my bachelor (undergraduate) final year thesis.

Welcome, Ondřej! Good luck with your work.

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Welcome, Patrick, great to have you join us here!

It is the CTI ontology you are referring to?

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I work with Bosch as a Lifecycle Tool Expert and I have been working in OSLC in 4 years now.
We have a R&D team who works on OSLC topic and think about tool integration using OSLC.
I am joining this forum to get new ideas and specs of OSLC and also look forward to see how OSLC can be used as a standard or practice within Bosch.
When I think of OSLC, I think data transfer and with data, its also important to think about managing it.
So, my next step also goes in OSLC with Big data .
Within Automotive industry, ASPICE is an important aspect which deals with quality and release of an automotive parts. So, there are lot of lifecycle tools which are used to satisfy apsice measures.
As tool experts, we have an idea to build a platform which helps different automotive industries to automate and reduce manual efforts in maintaining these lifeycle tools and major of these tools uses OSLC for data transfer.

Regards, Sud

Welcome to this forum Sud.
It would be very interesting to hear more about the kind of platform you have in mind. Anything that would be available in the public domain in the future?

I’m also very involved in OSLC within the automotive domain. As an academic research and consultant I try to contribute as much as possible to the Eclipse Lyo open-source project. But anything that can help promote more OSLC-related solutions is of interest.

Welcome, Sud!

It’s a pleasure to have you join the forum! As far as I know, we have not given enough attention to big data in Core 3.0 and TRS 3.0. Also, I have not heard of ASPICE and I don’t think we have all the necessary domain specs yet to cover it (from reading

We will be glad to help you with any questions. If you wish to push for big data facilities in Core/TRS, you are welcome to join the telcos. Participation is free. The best way to begin is to dial into our weekly telco on Thu 4:00 CET

Jad knows automotive domain better than I do, but there might be a good reason to create an ASPICE domain spec in OSLC to map its concepts directly.


Hello All,

I have joined OSLC from Engineering Semantics integration analytics perspective. There is lot to understand how OSLC can meet some of my aspirations of Semantic data integration and analytics for defining OSLC Vocabulary of New Domain.


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Welcome, Shingo!


If you are interested in defining OSLC Vocabulary of New Domain, I can suggest you look at LyoDesigner, which provides a graphical way to model resource shapes and vocabularies.

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@Digital_Shingo see Jad’s reply :point_up:

Hi @jad @andrew,

I am PLM consultant with background experience in Medical devices, High tech and Semiconductor industry. Currently, working on Digital PLM initiatives Digital Thread and twin. My interest is to develop enterprise vocabulary, LDP services for modern data discovery and integration and analytics platform like smart data lake.