Integration of 3rd party application with DNG


I have a web application implemented for maintaining test cases. Now i am trying to develop an oslc adapter which can integrate with IBM DNG. But I am clueless where to start and what is the starting point .

I am looking for features like linking DNG Requirements to test case (via oslc adapter)
Preview of the test case in DNG Requirements
Any leads would be helpful.


Hi Chandan,

As I said during the talk, we have limited capacity to support specific products such as IBM Jazz. Having said that, lyo-samples/oslc4j-client-samples/src/main/java/org/eclipse/lyo/oslc4j/client/samples at master · OSLC/lyo-samples · GitHub is a good place to start. Another is Developer Guide, which has IBM tool focus. Finally, you are welcome to post questions on Questions tagged with oslc - Jazz Forum.