How to make AnyResource load Links rather than URIs?


In Appendix C: Guidance on Links & Relationships I read the following:

In OSLC, you express a link as a property with OSLC value-type of Resource and OSLC representation of Reference

That seems to apply, for instance, to the Requirement::satisfies property and in fact is typed with Set<Link>.

But when I read an actual requirement from Jazz/DNG via an AnyResource I receive a URI in the extended properties, not a Link. Is that a bug in Lyo or in Jena or am I doing something wrong?


I believe the guidance reference to “link” is interchagable with a “URI”.
In Lyo, a Link class exists. It contains this URI, but it also a “label” for that URI (just in case you want to provide a human-readable representation of that URI)
So the guidance’s “link” can be realized in Lyo with either a simple URI, or a Link (URI plus its label)

Now, when you read a Requirement from Jazz/DNG, does the content contain some label with each URI?
If it does, then it would be indeed nice if Lyo can detect that and create a Link (URI plus Label)

Can you share the content of the Requirement in RDF?