How to create links to rtc_cm:parent or child ChangeRequest


using oslc4j I can create a ChangeRequest and provide related.
But how is it possible to create links to parent or child ChangeRequest?

When I look in the rdf representation of a CCM item, I can find parent item.
How can I get and create parent items by using the oslc4j?

< rdf:resource=“https://XYZ/ccmf/resource/itemName/”/>

Many thanks…

Hi @maxler05,

Did you check the method?


Hi Andrew,

thanks for your response.

I tried it now with extendedProperties:

The first step was to take a workitem which has an parent relation, and checking if I can find it with the oslc api -> I could find it under extendendProperties, same for child releations:

{QName@5278} “{}” -> {URI@5279} “https://XYZ/ccmfed/resource/itemName/

Now I tried with the QName from the example above:

String type = "";
String configurationContext = "_yoMVoBT6Eeu9VOClgNyCps";
ChangeRequest changeRequest = new ChangeRequest();

changeRequest.getExtendedProperties().put(new QName("", ""), "https://XYZ/ccmfed/resource/itemName/");

String factoryUrl = JAZZ_CONNECTION.getUrl() + "/oslc/contexts/" + configurationContext + "/workitems/" + type; creationResponse = OslcClientHelper.getOslcClient(JAZZ_CONNECTION).createResource(
                factoryUrl, changeRequest,

This failed with the following message:

    xmlns:oslc="" > 
  <rdf:Description rdf:nodeID="A0">
    <oslc:message>Missing expected parameter:</oslc:message>
    <rdf:type rdf:resource=""/>

Any ideas why this happens and how to solve that…

Best regards

Hello Steve,

First, changeRequest.getExtendedProperties().put(new QName("", ""), "https://XYZ/ccmfed/resource/itemName/"); should be URI.create("https://XYZ/ccmfed/resource/itemName/"). RDF is strict on typing.

Second, is essentially the subject of the RDF resource. You can supply it via If you get confused about RDF easily, I recommend using Apache Jena RIOT tools or if you are in a hurry and convert the RDF/XML or JSON-LD or N-Triples (all legal RDF formats) to Turtle (the most human-readable format).

I have no idea about the specific requirements for the URI required by Jazz CF endpoint. See as well. It does not seem to set any URI in the constructor there, so I am not entirely sure as to what’s going on. Try making a random URI, creation factories frequently ignore it and return you a new URI for the created resource. Wait a second, why are you creating a resource? I think you should call ?


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thanks for your good hints (e.g. strict typing, easyrdf, updateResource).

You was right, you can only link parents of already existing workitems -> take an existing ChangeRequest + add the link as shown in my example code + updating that ChnageRequest works.


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