Getting the "title and URI both" for "Service Provider Catalog".

As per implementation of ServiceProviderCatalog.getReferencedServiceProviderCatalogs() it returns the URI[], I am interested in both URI and title.

Please find below the OSLC response.

Tried extending the ServiceProviderCatalog as follows to return the List instead of URI[]. Please refer to the following code snippet -

But ServiceProviderCatalog1.setReferencedServiceProviderCatalogs1() isn’t getting called, instead the ServiceProviderCatalog.setReferencedServiceProviderCatalogs() gets called.
Is it because annotations are same for both ServiceProviderCatalog1.getReferencedServiceProviderCatalogs1() and ServiceProviderCatalog.getReferencedServiceProviderCatalogs() methods and hence it resolves to a parent class method?

If I follow approach of cloning ServiceProviderCatalog and having setReferencedServiceProviderCatalogs1() there it works perfect.

Can someone please guide. Can we achieve this by extending the ServiceProviderCatalog?
Or creating a copy of ServiceProviderCatalog is the only way to achieve this?
I am interested in URI and title both here.

I will close this one as a duplicate of Getting ServiceProviderCatalog URI and Title both