Getting both SP URI and Title from ServiceProviderCatalog page

Want get both Title and URIO of referenced Service Provider Catalogs.
As per current implementation of lyo’s ServiceProviderCatalog.getReferencedServiceProviderCatalogs() it returns the URI[], I am interested in URI and title both here.

I can get the title by invoking the another request but it is expensive operation and causes a performance delay and since title is already available in response wish to use same.
Please find below the response -

Tried extending the ServiceProviderCatalog as follows to return the List instead of URI[] -

But ServiceProviderCatalog1.setReferencedServiceProviderCatalogs1() isn’t getting called, instead the ServiceProviderCatalog.setReferencedServiceProviderCatalogs() gets called and hence i am unable to get the ServiceProviderCatalog[].

If I follow approach of cloaning ServiceProviderCatalog and having setReferencedServiceProviderCatalogs1() there works perfect.

One of the issues here is that OSLC Core makes no guarantee that the RDF response to a GET of an OSLC SPC (Service Provider Catalog) will contain any information about the OSLC service providers it references. Implementations are free to do so, but must take care that, if there are a large number of OSLC service providers, that the GET of the SPC will perform well and the response is not too large to consume efficiently. Supporting getting the URI and title of all OSLC service providers could require the implementation perform a GET on every service provider, and this would be expensive to consumers who only needed the URIs. OSLC clients should make no assumptions about whether the response to a GET of a SPC includes all of the data about any particular service provider. A robust implementation would see if that data was in the response, but if not, perform a GET of the service provider to get the data.

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