Financing opportunity for LYO development

There is an opportunity to get up to 60k€ funding for development related to Lyo, as part of a European project KTH is involved in.

Lyo (and KTH as a partner) is one of the Advanced Platforms that can be used in such an experiment.

The call aim is to enable European startups, SMEs and midcap companies to build and create new digital products and services.
An experiment is expected to be based on one of 7 FED4SAE Industrial Platforms. One of the platforms we believe of relevance could be TIME4SYS ( from Thales. Maybe an experiment to integrate TIME4SYS and/or other Polarsys tools?

The deadline for applications is: February 6th, 2018. Please see for details.

Could this of interest? We are happy to further explain and discuss.

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