FederatedPLM capabilities - Interactive workshop in Paris Nov 14


Please consider joining us in Paris for this workshop. hosted in conjunction with the PLM Road Map & PDT EMEA 2023 Conference, Paris, La Défense.

To express your interest in attending please reach out to Nikolai Drouzine at nikolai.drouzine@eurostep.com no later than October 23rd, 2023.
For further inquiries, contact Erik Herzog at erik.herzog@saabgroup.com

Discussions will predominantly centre on:

  • Standards Enabling Federated PLM Landscapes: Exploration of both impediments and opportunities.
  • Efficient Collaboration in Next-Generation Systems: A key focus will be technologies and methodologies that enable federated PLM capabilities while minimizing cost.

The workshop is founded on several key postulates:

  • The future PLM landscape is inherently heterogeneous and federated.
  • Enhanced interoperability in terms of data linking and data exchange is requisite for efficient digital processes.
  • Configuration management capabilities are indispensable for efficient development.
  • Shared and agreed-upon vocabularies are prerequisites for effective collaboration across heterogeneous environments.

The primary objective of this workshop is to propose and deliberate on approaches for constructing next-generation Federated PLM landscapes.

The session aims to:

  • Map current and forthcoming standardization initiatives. • Evaluate the interrelationship between these initiatives, as well as their respective strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify gaps where new standardization efforts are necessary.
  • Discuss strategies for keeping the standards landscape consistent and dynamic over time.
    Additional focus areas
  • Architectural frameworks for building PLM federations.
  • Technologies and methodologies that enable PLM federation. Anticipated outcomes
  • Elevated awareness of initiatives directed toward federated PLM.
  • Identification of ongoing commercial and standardization activities that enable federated PLM.

I think this will be very interesting!