DoorsOauthSample & Lyo 2.4 & DOORS 9.7 & Java 11


  1. Used Java 11,

  2. Replaced wink with jersey
    RuntimeDelegate.setInstance(new org.glassfish.jersey.server.internal.RuntimeDelegateImpl());

  3. get a org.eclipse.lyo.client.oslc.OAuthRedirectException on step 3:

     		//STEP 3: Try to access the context URL to trigger the OAuth dance and login
     		try {
     		} catch (OAuthRedirectException oauthE) {
     			validateTokens(client,	oauthE.getRedirectURL() + "?oauth_token=" + oauthE.getAccessor().requestToken, user, passwd, webContextUrl + "/j_acegi_security_check" );
     			// Try to access again
     			***ClientResponse response = client.getResource(webContextUrl,OSLCConstants.CT_RDF);***
  4. Console output:
    DEBUG [main] ( - Attempt 1 to execute request
    DEBUG [main] ( - Sending request: GET /dwa/oauth-request-token?oauth_consumer_key=mykey&oauth_signature_method=HMAC-SHA1&oauth_timestamp=1580955369&oauth_nonce=194445792445900&oauth_version=1.0&oauth_signature=3NwKSQ4u%2BRYapf4pARTu%2BsBZnf8%3D HTTP/1.1
    DEBUG [main] ( - >> GET /dwa/oauth-request-token?oauth_consumer_key=mykey&oauth_signature_method=HMAC-SHA1&oauth_timestamp=1580955369&oauth_nonce=194445792445900&oauth_version=1.0&oauth_signature=3NwKSQ4u%2BRYapf4pARTu%2BsBZnf8%3D HTTP/1.1
    DEBUG [main] ( - >> Host: myhostname:8080
    DEBUG [main] ( - >> Connection: Keep-Alive
    DEBUG [main] ( - >> User-Agent: Apache-HttpClient/4.5 (Java/11.0.5)
    DEBUG [main] ( - >> Cookie: JSESSIONID=146242D83C718BFD0D14E5B46B6F8DBE
    DEBUG [main] ( - Receiving response: HTTP/1.1 200
    DEBUG [main] ( - << HTTP/1.1 200
    DEBUG [main] ( - << Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded;charset=ISO-8859-1
    DEBUG [main] ( - << Transfer-Encoding: chunked
    DEBUG [main] ( - << Date: Thu, 06 Feb 2020 02:16:09 GMT
    DEBUG [main] ( - Connection can be kept alive indefinitely
    DEBUG [main] ( - Released connection is reusable.
    DEBUG [main] ( - Releasing connection [{}->WebURL//myhostname:8080][null]
    DEBUG [main] ( - Pooling connection [{}->WebURL//myhostname:8080][null]; keep alive indefinitely
    DEBUG [main] ( - Notifying no-one, there are no waiting threads
    Enter this URL in a browser and run again: WebURL//myhostname:8080/dwa/oauth-authorize-token?oauth_token=6d934153-d152-4942-a378-32c9f1549305
    Feb 05, 2020 7:16:09 PM org.eclipse.lyo.client.oslc.samples.DoorsOauthSample main
    SEVERE: null
    at org.eclipse.lyo.client.oslc.OslcOAuthClient.getResourceInternal(
    at org.eclipse.lyo.client.oslc.OslcOAuthClient.getResourceInternal(
    at org.eclipse.lyo.client.oslc.OslcOAuthClient.getAuthorizationHeader(
    at org.eclipse.lyo.client.oslc.OslcOAuthClient.getResource(
    at org.eclipse.lyo.client.oslc.OslcClient.getResource(
    at org.eclipse.lyo.client.oslc.samples.DoorsOauthSample.main(

Hello and welcome to the OSLC forum!

@jamsden has experience with that sample. Before we start debugging, did you read In other words, do you go to the URL in the myhostname:8080/dwa/oauth-authorize-token?oauth_token=6d934153-d152-4942-a378-32c9f1549305 and still get the exception after re-running?

If you wish to have an app that does not require restart during the OAuth “dance”, please see from @jad.

still get the exception after re-running? Yes.

Looked at “” and its a Web Application. So, I would replace how we create a OslcOAuthClient (using helper) with using the factory?

OslcOAuthClientBuilder oAuthClientBuilder = OslcClientFactory.oslcOAuthClientBuilder();
oAuthClientBuilder.setOAuthConsumer("", consumerKey, consumerSecret);
oAuthClientBuilder.setUnderlyingHttpClient(new UnderlyingHttpClient() {
public HttpClient get(Client client) {
return ApacheConnectorProvider.getHttpClient(client);
client = (OslcOAuthClient);
bindClientToSession(httpServletRequest, client, consumerKey);

Additionally, DOORS classic 9.7 with DOORS Web Access DWA only supports Oauth 1.0 & 1.0a. Does your client code support these versions?

PS thanks for the help :smiley:


So, I would replace how we create a OslcOAuthClient (using helper ) with using the factory?

Yes! But please note that the OslcClientFactory is the new OSLC client (Lyo 4.0) for Jersey. I believe the DoorsOauthSample code you were looking at is based on Lyo 2.4 (and hence Wink)

Additionally, DOORS classic 9.7 with DOORS Web Access DWA only supports Oauth 1.0 & 1.0a. Does your client code support these versions?

The sample code does support Oauth 1.0 (But I am not exactly sure if it support both 1.0 and 1.0a, but at least one of them for sure.)

I tried to build/run and got:

Blockquote Could not find artifact org.eclipse.lyo.clients:oslc4j-client:jar:2.4.0

The pom sets:

Blockquote <version.lyo>4.0.0-SNAPSHOT</version.lyo>

So, not sure why the project is looking for 2.4.0?

The end of the URL needs a “/”


-url http://doorshostname:port#/dwa -user username -password password -project module_name


-url http://doorshostname:port#/dwa/ -user username -password password -project module_name

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I cannot reproduce your error with the 2.4.0 deps:

Thanks for reporting the tip with the URL, which README should I add it to?

I just tried and cannot reproduce the 2.4.0 deps error either.

The Project calls out two REPOs and I do not see org.eclipse.lyo.clients:oslc4j-client:jar:2.4.0?
Do you have a local REPO in your setting.xml or have the jar in your local .m2?

First, you should not need the 2.4.0 client to run the oAuth discovery app.

Second, before 4.0.0 the client was called oslc-java-client. See for more info.

Thanks for the help everyone. :grinning: So, if I am accessing IBM DOORS, as a OAuth 1.0a client, using the example provided. I should use the Lyo “classic” oslc-java-client:2.4.0? Right? Any plans to re-write the org.eclipse.lyo.client.oslc.samples.DoorsOauthSample for oslc4j-client:4.0.0.M1 ?

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No plan to rewrite for now, you and @jamsden are the most likely people to make a PR for its support :slight_smile: