Deprecated Resource Classes

In the OSLC4J example (provided here:
I found example code to get and create ChangeRequests for example.
But when I used it in the IDE I could see that all of these resource classe (like ChangeRequest, Requirement, …) are set to deprecated -> what I have done wrong, maybe I have choosen the wrong library/dependency? If so what are the right dependencies to work with the Resource classes? Or otherwise what is the successor?

This is the dependency I tried:

package org.eclipse.lyo.client.oslc.resources;

@OslcResourceShape(title = "Change Request Resource Shape", describes = CmConstants.TYPE_CHANGE_REQUEST)
public class ChangeRequest
       extends AbstractResource
    private final Set<Link>     affectedByDefects           = new HashSet<Link>();

Thanks for your help

OK looks like have been moved to:

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Yes! we hope the new versions of the classes are more up to date as well.
ps: in the process now of releasing 4.0.0. THis will also be released to Maven Central, making things even easier to use.

Hi Jad,

yes in the meanwhile I got our project running (migrated from 4.0.0.M2 to 4.0.0.RC + moving to -> all automated regression tests we’re passed for our application.

It was half day work but now I’m happy having a solution without deprecate resource classes…

Bye & Thanks

Steve, do you have any specific points to share? Was there much work aside from new package/class/method names or did you have to rewrite more code? We would like to know real-world usage and maybe share some migration notes for those moving from 2.x to 4.0. Thanks!


OK we especially use OSLC4J to query workitems, create and update workitems in the IBM Jazz Platform, plus getting and setting extended properties.
For this I had several automated tests.

So the target was to move from 4.0.0.M2 from lyo repository to 4.0.0.RC from central central maven, because I read your article about the 4.0.0.RC.

I don’t think we had any problems with that…

All tests are still passed.

The only thing which costs a little bit more time was fixing the packages, because we additionally moved from org.eclipse.lyo.clients:oslc4j-client (with its deprecated Resource classes, like ChangeRequest) to org.eclipse.lyo:oslc-domains dependency. But when Im correct this was only fixing the package inside the classes. Now we a future proof with that change.

Thank you!

Great to hear, please report to us if future releases cause any regression.

Great, that’s what we were hoping for!