Creating Test Environment in IBM Jazz Engineering Test Management with Lyo and OSLC

Hello Community,

I am currently working with IBM Jazz Engineering Test Management and I am attempting to create a Test Environment from Lab Management, using Lyo and OSLC. I have successfully imported the “*” package, but I’ve noticed that TestEnvironment is not available in this package.

Has anyone encountered this issue before, and if so, what alternate methods can be used to accomplish this task? Any pointers, resources, or documentation links would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Hi @Edy98,

As far as I am aware, the resource in question is, which is not part of OSLC QM domain but is a “Jazz QM” extension of it.

You can use Lyo Designer to model any extensions (or any classes, properties, and shapes, actually) and generate matching code.

Best regards,