Create URL bug for adaptor rm tool sample

Hello ,

I downloaded the the sample lyo-adaptor-sample-modelling and ran the adaptor-rm-webapp correctly. All urls are working fine except the url : http://localhost:8083/adaptor-rm/services/requirements/create . I can’t create a requirement using the creation factory . I have this bug :

I even created my own application using lyon designer and it’s the same for the creation factory part, I still have the same bug : 404 not found .

Any idea ?
Thank you so much

Hi @onsDridi

Most likely you are doing a GET on that creationFactory (I am guessing since I see input from a browser). For a creation you need to do a POST. and for that , you need to use applications like Postman. Plus, you need to send the resource you are creating in the body.

Otherwise, can I suggest you use the OSLC Reference Implementation (GitHub - oslc-op/refimpl) instead of the sample adaptors? The sample adaptors are just to simple, and have not been updated for a while.
In the refernce implementation, you can also see how a client is used to call the creation factory.

Hello jad,

Thank you for your response . When I use postman to create my ressource , I get this error :

It’s the same problem with the refimpl sample . For the OSLC server-rm , I used postman to create a requirement :

and I got the same error !


The resource you are sending does not seem to be valid. It lookes like basic json, but you need to send rdf.

Tips is to do a GET on a resource that exists. And, then copy the response as the body for your POST request.