Change Management v3.0 approved as the first OASIS Standard from an Open Project | OSLC

OASIS is pleased to announce that the Call for Consent has closed and, effective 26 May 2021, OSLC Change Management Version 3.0 is an OASIS Standard according to the Call for Consent procedure. Project Administration will now undertake the final tasks of preparing and loading the standard.

Change Management Version 3.0 was one of the first approved Project Specifications to come out of the new OASIS Open Project Program and its first OASIS Standard. The Project Governing Board will be acting on additional deliverables over the next few months.

The ballot was held under the OASIS call for consent procedure. In the ballot, the Candidate OASIS Standard received 7 affirmative votes and no objections.

OASIS congratulations the members of the OSLC Open Project and to the community of implementers, developers and users who have brought the work successfully to this milestone.

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Where can I find the OSLC roadmap?

Hello @Gammon, there is no specific roadmap other than a high-level one presented at the annual OSLCfest, see starting around 6:30 at OSLCFest Day1 Andrew Berezovskyi KTH - YouTube

We also have a Google Sheet internally to track the progress of various items on the roadmap as they go through the publication process, but that’s of limited interest for the community:

Right now we are working to finalize the publication of 5 project notes and to promote the Architecture Management spec from a Project Spec (PS) to an OASIS Standard (OS). Next in focus will be the Config spec, and, targeting Q4 this year or Q1 next is the TRS spec promotion from PS to OS.

Will be happy if you join our weekly Thursday call!


Thank you so much for this information. I cannot commit I’d be there every week, but certainly interested in when that call is. Is that info something you can email me?

The call takes place every Thursday at 10:00 EST (16:00 CET) on Jitsi: oasis-open-project/ at master · oslc-op/oasis-open-project · GitHub

Sorry I missed your question before. Looking forward to talk to you someday!