An OSLC After-work in Stockholm/Sweden


For those located in Sweden, you are welcome to a seminar/after-work event on May 24th, 16-18.

Information and registration: Afterwork Seminar on Heterogeneous Linked Product Lifecycle Environment | LinkedIn

This is part of a national research project, where the project partners from Saab, IBM, Eurostep Group and Lynxwork will present the status and objectives!


This research project’s goal is to:

Demonstrate that a PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) capability for development and maintenance of complex CyberPhysical Systems can be realized, cost effectively, by creating a federation of integrated but independent development environments. - Demonstrate that the OSLC standard can be used for efficient integration of individual development environments. The goal is to be able to demonstrate an integrated PLM environment based on federated standalone components.

So, it’s a great opportunity to get up to date on the local OSLC activities, and get to meet local active partners.