A survey of commercial tools with OSLC support


I have recently complied a list of commercial tools that provide OSLC support. The survey describes in detail which OSLC capabilities are supported to which tools.

You can download the survey from An Analysis of the OASIS OSLC Integration Standard - A Survey | Zenodo.

I also plan to keep the list of tools up to date as a Google Sheets. So, please feel free to update me on tools that I have not yet found.

A report that summarises this survey, as well as give general reflections over OSLC implemenation can be found as

J. El-khoury, β€œAn Analysis of the OASIS OSLC Integration Standard, for a Cross-disciplinary Integrated Development Environment : Analysis of market penetration, performance and prospects,” , TRITA-ITM-RP, 978-91-7873-525-9, 2020.


very good work. We are running a project (Holistic Engineering Platform with IBM Jazz) at Continental. I want to motivate our experts to contribute to your survey as OSLC is of significant importance for our project.

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Hi Jad,

small finding in cell AG19:
EWM can act as a consumer of AM (usually Rhapsody Model Manager).


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Thanks @StefanOblinger for the input. I updated accordingly.

@Bernhard! I - and I am sure the OSLC community - would be very keen to hear of your work with OSLC. Please keep us updated.