Problem with DOORS NG delegated UI's

HELLO everyone !

During my internship project, I tried to implement for Capella, an OSLC consumer for IBM Jazz, integrating the RM and GCM domains.

At the time, I had a problem with the delegated UI’s offered by DOORS NG for artefacts selection.

I specify in the link of what we call the pickers (delegated UI’s), the project area identifier, the component identifier and the local stream identifier, as follows:

Configuration 1:

Configuration 2:

The problem is that, if I try to call pickers of the same project area, same component but two different configurations, we only get in the picker, artefacts from the initial component as if I didn’t specify the configuration URI already in the link.


Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi vanmad,

Would it help to see how other systems integrate with DNG for the same scenario?

See for example, the user guide of the “OSLC Conect to Windchill”. (I refer to that, since I recently read it, and noticed the content relating to Configurations that you seem to have problems with). shows the process of accessing a delegated UI towards DNG.
I wonder if your issue is related to points 5 & 6 in the instructions, which related to Global Configuration information (Are you handling configurations properly?) See the link on how to “Add a Configuration Association to the Part Widget.”

Worth also looking at the “admininstration guide”, to make sure you have configured DNG as expected.

I have not developed against DNG, so cannot help with more direct tips.


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It seems that you can only use delegatedUI between artefacts that belong to the same Global Confugration - if one exists.
Without Global Configuration, it is necessary that neither have a configuration.

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Hello Jad, thanks for your response, i will look into it.