Lyo Test Suite latest version

Hello all.

There is a nice testing suite for autogenerated code in here:

Is there a new version or release of this very same tool?

I am pursuing to sync the test suite to our generated code which was created 3 weeks ago on latest Lyo Designer 4.0.0 m1.

I already changed below section in pom.xml from 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT to 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT, enabled auto-import and brought new

<name>OSLC Implementation Assessment Test</name>

I need to know if there’s a new release as a whole frame.

Thank you for the help.


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Hello Fabian,

To be honest, we did not enough resources to maintain the old test suite. Further, you are the first this year to ask about it.

If you try to get it running and find problems, I will be happy to help you fix them and merge fixes into the tree. If you could open the PR with the changes you started making, we could take it from there.


Thank you very much Andrew, then, was that the last Lyo Test Suite ever made?

Thank you

Hi Fabian

How about you don’t change things in the pom.xml file? Try using the testsuite and please report any problems.

There should be no need for the testsuite and the servers being tested to be in synch, nor based on the same code base.
This would be the real test for OSLC, since the integration should work between independently developed systems.

I have not used the testsuite, but from reading the README.txt, it seems that the testsuite is setup for specific domains and specific tools.

Are you generating code for a specific tool? Is that tool already covered by the testsuite, or is it a whole new tool?
If you are working on a new tool, I’d assume you have to setup a new configuration under “org.eclipse.lyo.testsuite.server/config”.

Maybe that’s all you need to do, really.

It would certainly be valuable to learn how the testsuite can be used against generated servers. So, I’d be happy to help along the way

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You also mentioned using “Lyo Designer 4.0.0 m1”. Can I ask how you downloaded this particular version? The official released version of Lyo Designer is 2.4.0. And we also have the latest snapshot downloadable as instruncted under
But not 4.0.0 m1.

I think it was in 2013 for Lyo 2.1 :slight_smile:

Hi jad

Well, a coworker download it, he saw it in the pom.xml

So, your statement is 4.0 isn’t supported?

What we did is a OSLC model adapter by using Lyo designer, simple one.

Gonna work on org.eclipse.lyo.testsuite.server/config that you mentioned.

Thanks a million! guys

May I run Lyo Test Suite exclusively on Eclipse or is it ok to run it on IntelliJ?


Totally fine to run with Maven:

No, the statement is that the test suite has not been updated since 2.1. But as Jad said, OSLC key focus is on interop, so you should be able to run 2.1 test suite against your 4.0.0.M1 server (formerly called provider). As Jad also said, beware that the test suite may not be written with a generic OSLC server in mind, but with the specific interest towards RTC and a few other early OSLC implementations.



Hello all

I got a new question, I am using Lyo Test Suite Server in a Mac IOS environment, are there any problems with that?

Also, do I have to add all of the variables in org.eclipse.lyo.testsuite.server/config and the xml for each test suite?

Don’t know what to add in: value=“C:/userscripts/org.eclipse.lyo.testsuite.server/config/jira/”

Thank you

Not that I know of.

I am afraid I have no help for you in this. Here are are some links I found that you might not find easily on Google:

I am not sure if @jad migrated these documents anywhere. @jamsden may have more useful info in his notes. I just created a README with these links: If you find valuable information, I would appreciate if you submit PRs towards the README. Also, the repo wiki should be available to you for editing. If you will be interested to update the POMs and the code, I will check the CI config to aid you.

Thank you, I truly appreciate your help.

As soon as I have sorted an authentication issue I will begin updating code and keep you posted.

Thanks again.