isReferencedBy linking not working with DNG 7 and Lyo

I did override the “createResourceshape” method in my JazzRequirements class:

public static ResourceShape createResourceShape() throws OslcCoreApplicationException, URISyntaxException {
return ResourceShapeFactory.createResourceShape(OSLC4JUtils.getServletURI(),

There was no effect though, except for the “ResourceShape URL” opening a table which includes my “isReferencedBy”.

If I do a GET request on an JazzRequirement object, where I manually set some links, I do get an rdf+xml response, where isReferencedBy is included, similar to this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="TF-8?>

<rdf:RDF …>
<oslc_rm: Requirement rdf:about=“…”>
<dcterms:isReferencedBy rdf:resource:“…”/>
… and so on

I shortened it a bit, but essentially it is included in my response.

How would you change the 3 @Oslc fields for a custom class?

Also I found this error from IBM, which sounds exactly like mine: