Does Eclipse Lyo support Spring MVC framework?

Hi Team,
I am dinesh kachhi and want to know
can i use lyo library for spring fromwork REST.
I am trying implements OSLC with Spring rest but i am not sure that it supports other than wink(JAX-RS implementation).

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Dinesh,

There is no support for Spring MVC in Lyo. You can use JAX-RS with Spring Boot. However, the only dependence on the framework is in serialisation and initialisation. If you are interested to add support for Spring MVC, you can try developing your own HttpMessageConverter similar to a JAX-RS Provider here: We will try to help you if you will go for implementing OSLC support in Spring.


P.S. I would be more interested in supporting Spring WebFlux than Spring MVC.


I was going to post a more positive answer, since Spring does have support for JAX-RS 2.0 - which is what Lyo supports.

Is there a difference between Spring MVC and Spring?

Yes, I agree that Jad’s suggestion to try using Jersey JAX-RS under Spring Boot should be your first try.

Spring is a whole lot of things. Spring Boot allows you to run web applications without a need to run an external servlet container like Tomcat or Jetty. Spring Boot allows you to use at least 3 different technologies to develop REST APIs:

  • Spring MVC (classical option)
  • Jersey JAX-RS (via spring-boot-starter-jersey)
  • Spring WebFlux (non-blocking option for building extremely concurrent APIs that scale better)

Ok. Because I have earlier used Lyo with Jersey and Spring. So I guess I must have been doing the 2nd option in your list.